Create a Business Stack


  • Notes are like individual files. If you'd save it in Word as a separate file, then you'll probably want to create a separate note in Evernote.
  • Instead of saving your notes in “folders” like on your computer, you'll create them inside of Notebooks.
  • Notebooks to Create:
    • Copy + Paste
    • Featured
    • Infringement
    • Code
    • Ideas
    • Posts
    • Testimonials
    • Tutorials
    • zArchive
  • Now that these notebooks are created, drag and drop two of them to create a “Stack” or group of notebooks.
  • Rename this stack with your business name.
  • Put all the notebooks you just created into your new business stack, including the Process Notebook and Client Notebook Template.



  • Create the suggested notebooks
  • Create a Business Stack
  • Rename the Business Stack